Happy Hubz Inc, founded in 2013, is a registered 501C3 nonprofit organization (EIN: 46-2930670) dedicated to improving both pet and community health while helping other registered nonprofit organizations raise funds.

Our Board of Directors consists of three veterinarians dedicated to: 1) preventing the spread of zoonotic diseases such as rabies through community vaccination efforts, 2) educating communities on the importance of maintaining healthy pets both for community health and animal welfare, 3) providing pet rescue services or assisting other pet rescue organizations in need of skilled care, and 4) helping other registered nonprofit organizations raise funds through sales of common pet foods and supplies online.

In 2013, our founder, Dr. Chappell, serving as the President of his daughter’s gymnastics parents association, organized a highly successful pet vaccine clinic to raise much needed funds for the gymnasts. Realizing that over half of the gym families own pets, he partnered with a veterinary product supplier to open an online store from which gym parents, friends, relatives and other community members could purchase their pet products to help raise more funds for the gym. Not to long after the vaccine clinic, his father was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away five weeks later. His father owned a company called Happy Hubz and so he adopted the name in honor of his father’s memory. Ironically, the name serves the purpose of the business well as we are a hub between pet care and community fund raising. He approached four other veterinarians who joined the cause. It took over two and a half years (until November 2015) to gain IRS approval for the organization.

Our online store provides many of the same pet products you find in neighborhood stores. Products are priced similar to what pet owners normally pay in order to leverage the money the animal owner spends on their pet as a way to help fund the pet owners selected nonprofit organization. The money that is used for nonprofit activities, both to support our missions and to provide to other nonprofit organizations to support theirs, are the funds considered “profits” by for profit companies. By leveraging the money remaining after all costs of goods are accounted for, the remaining funds are considered a donation and used to support ours and other nonprofit missions. For instance, a bag of pet food may cost the pet owner $20. Of this, the cost of goods is $18 leaving $2 to serve as a donation by the pet owner. Of this, $1 goes to cover the operating expenses of HappyHubz and the remaining $1 goes to the nonprofit organization the pet owner chooses. We are dedicated to ensuring over 50% of actual donated funds raised through the sales program go to help the nonprofit organization selected by the pet owners.


LEGACY – Cancer Awareness Ribbon for Dads

FAMILY – Gymnastics Theme for His Girls

COMMUNITY – Army Vet Symbol for Service

RESCUE – Animal Rescue and Treatment