The human-animal bond!!! This is perhaps one of God’s greatest gifts. Our pet’s define who we are. They light our paths in a complicated world. They are with us through our pain, sorrow, joy, fear and loneliness. They create a foundation of unwavering trust and companionship that only the pair truly understands. They close a gap or void that in many ways can’t be matched. They are our guardians in fear, they are our counselors when life throws a curve ball, they comfort us in our worst moments and celebrate with us in our best. They are always there unwavering, devoted and true. They make us laugh when nothing else in this world can. When they leave us, they comfort us through our own tears thanking us for the life we shared. We put them first in the toughest decision we can make, parting ways. That is our final gift to them in the hardest time of our lives, to relieve their pain, fear and suffering and let go. The profound void created heals with memories of their love. Join us below for a walk down memory lane of our greatest companions and the love we shared once again making us laugh and helping us heal.

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